What To Expect From A Tick Control Service

If you find a tick around your house or in your hand, it immediately becomes a cause for concern. After all, these tiny bloodsuckers are the hosts of several diseases, from simple itchiness to the more severe Lyme disease. You may want to consider getting professional help from tick control services in Orange Beach for effective treatment.

However, you may want to know just what a service entails so you can better prepare yourself. You will also know what to expect so you can be more confident of efficient results.

Process Of Tick Treatment

While the steps in tick treatments may vary across professional services, there are a few standard measures. Here is how a typical tick treatment process should go:

●    Inspection and Advice: A technician will visit your property to analyze it. Upon finding problem areas, they will notify you about the same and suggest tips on preventing infestations.

●    Spraying or Fogging: The next step is the actual treatment of the property. While sprays and foggers are the most common, professionals may use some other products and barriers too. These products kill the ticks on your property.

●    Follow-Up: The final stage after treatment is the follow-up. A tick treatment does not end when it is over. After the procedure, the technicians will make routine visits to your property to ensure that it is still tick-free.

Kinds Of Tick Treatment

There are two kinds of tick control services, preventive and reactive. Here is what you need to about each of them:

●    Preventive Treatment: This treatment treats ticks with less pesticide use. This treatment focuses on preventing ticks in the first place.

●    Reactive Treatment: This treatment treats the entire property with chemical pesticides.

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Wrap Up

Tick control is vital because these pests are dangerous to you, your family, and even your pets. The more you know about tick treatments, the easier it will be to choose one according to your needs.